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Hi, we are running CMOD for i version 7.1 and are looking at indexing PDF's. 
I'd like to take advantage of PPD's however can't find the version of "CMOD for i" that this feature is supported. (It is clearly identifies that version 9.0 on multi-platform with improved benefits in 9.5 are supported

If it makes any difference we would be running the PDF indexer on a windows box and loading them into our CMOD for i installation for storage.

And for major bonus points..... :-)
1. Doesn't the PDF indexer just create an index(.ind), resource(.res) and output(.out) files for the loaded PDF,
      a. If so why does it matter what version of CMOD a user is using?
             i. Does the format of the .ind,.out and .res change in newer versions of CMOD?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
All the best,

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