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z/OS Server / z/OS CMOD Postprocessor documentation -- where is it?
« on: September 30, 2020, 06:06:16 AM »
We are trying to find some documentation for z/OS CMOD Postprocessor and we can't find it.

On the other side, there is documentation for Linux and Windows implementations here:

...and for iOS implementation here:

Is there a similar technical reference for z/OS versions of CMOD? Maybe I am not able to remember where it is and I can't find it with internet search.

I appreciate it if anyone can help.

Bets Regards,


I believe z/OS Download utility could be used to transfer spooled reports between mainframe LPARs as long as arsjesd is running on the OMVS segment of a receiving LPAR. Am I right?

Is there anyone using this kind of configuration? If so, are there any issues to be aware of?

Best Regards,

Hey Guys, Good Day!

I hope you are all safe and sound from COVID-19... I have an ICN problem and hoping to get some direction for how to resolve it.

Problem: We have a Red Hat 7.7/WAS ND 3.0.4 server and it runs in Eastern time zone.  We have several CMOD instances in different time zones. There is 1 ICN desktop for each CMOD instance. When pulling in the selection criteria for reports, there is a field  called REPORT_DATE and it gets populated with "Last 6 months" interval and it is based on the ICN server time zone.

Is there a way to override this behavior and make sure it populates REPORT_DATE interval from CMOD instance's time zone?

Any ideas are appreciated.

Best Regards,

I am building a new ICN server with ICN 3.0.6. and when I tried to import a custom desktop, I got this message:

"The desktop configuration file cannot be imported because it was created from another version of IBM Content Navigator.
The desktop configuration was exported from IBM Content Navigator, Version 3.0.4. However, you are running IBM Content Navigator, Version 3.0.6.

Export the desktop configuration from IBM Content Navigator, Version 3.0.6 and import the file again."

I understand, the message is very clear. However, is there a shortcut? A quick way to do this rather than going through same exact manual steps for each minor version change.

Thanks for your feedback,

I am considering to run multiple ARSYSPIN started tasks to load different mix of reports into different mix of Application Groups.

Here is the use case:
- 2 different JES3 CLASSes (let's say CLASS=A and CLASS=B) will be monitored for input
- 9 different FORMs that represent 9 different applications will be ingested into up to 9 different AGs depending on retention

I am considering to run multiple ARSYSPIN clones such that:
1. ARSYSPN1 is configured to read SELFORM=(FRM1) from JESCLASS=AB and store into APPL="FRM1", APPLGROUP="FRM1"
2. ARSYSPN2 is configured to read SELFORM=(FRM2) from JESCLASS=AB and store into APPL="FRM2", APPLGROUP="FRM2"
... and so on

From what I can understand by reading the reference manual, the parameters should allow me to do this as long as I clone ARSYSPIN and customize it properly. Here is where I am looking for reference:

My Questions:
- Has anybody tried tweaking ARSYSPIN and running multiples of it with different parameters against same CLASS(es)?
- Is this a viable approach?
- Do you see any problems with this approach?

I appreciate your insights and any feedback you may have before I start experimenting with the idea.


Content Navigator / ICN Certificate
« on: March 22, 2019, 06:53:34 AM »
Hi All,

We have an ICN server with WAS and ICN 3.0.4 running on Red Hat Linux 7 x64.

We are trying to create and install a self signed certificate. Is there a documentation somewhere to describe how it is done?
I appreciate it if you can point me in the right direction.


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