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We have ondemand  v10.1 High availability active/active cluster using zookeeper with three servers.

Now We need to add one more new server in existing active/active cluster.

Could you please advise how we can add one more servers in the same existing  active/active cluster.

Thank you
Md Muslehuddin


We are facing issue to download pdf files from CMOD and We are getting below error message in System log.

Error Message:
1. This file is Damaged
2. File does not begin with '%PDF

Issue happening because Damage file uploading to CMOD. We are creating batch files with 100 pdf files and uploading to CMOD. If one file is damage in a batch, full batch getting corrupted and uploading corrupted files. So we are unable to download files from CMOD as files is corrupted.

We are not getting any error logs at the time of Loading documents.

We want to restrict upload for damage files. Is there any option is available in CMOD to restrict upload damage file.

Thanks in advance for helping

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