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We have observed that since we have gone live with CMOD which was an upgrade from CMOD 8.5 the arsmaint utility is not working. As the cache storage size has increased exponentially, we have TSM client node registered as our archive storage solution however we are also maintaining one copy of the documents inside cache folder as well that is for 90 days only. We tried opening documents which have been stored in CMOD for more than 90 days but still see them coming from cache node instead of TSM client node. are there any changes in the utility command parameters in new version?  prior to upgrade it was working fine

checked the permission and ownership of arscache/cache1 folder and everything seems correct as per IBM documentation.

parameters used in arsmaint command -cdrs

documents are not getting flushed from cache folder.


Hello Members,

is there any possibility to allow AND and OR at the same time in the search ?

One way of doing it using SQL API in IBM CMOD REST but it is being blocked by the server firewalls as it contains where OR and AND keywords hence checking if someone has achieved it already through IBM CMOD REST search API

Warm Regards,

MP Server / AFP2PDF conversion possibility using IBM CMOD REST APIs
« on: August 09, 2023, 11:39:21 AM »
Hi Team,

We are integrating CMOD 10.5 REST APIs into a custom application to retrieve AFP documents from CMOD and we want to transform these APF documents into PDFs before sending it to the caller of the document.

Has anyone tried anything like this before with REST APIs if you can suggest the possible options that will be great.
 I understand that this is possible with ODWEK APIs with generic transform interface which allows us to leverage RICOH afp2pdf to transform it but I am not sure how to achieve the same with CMOD REST APIs

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


MP Server / CMOD performance issues post machine restart
« on: August 02, 2023, 10:11:53 AM »
Hello Everyone,

I have come across a very wired situation where in CMOD 8.5 has started responding very slowly post AIX LPAR reboot.
Document retrieval is taking 3-4 minutes to open the document.

I understand that it is out of support version but it seems customer is not in the mood of upgrade. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Can anyone suggest things to be checked in this case ?

Hi Team,
We are currently facing issue with one of our scripts. The primary area in which we are seeing this issue is the "arsdoc" query when it gets/extracts the documents from disk.
The snippet goes like below:


    /opt/IBM/ondemand/V10.5/bin/arsdoc \
      get -h $HOSTNAME \
          -f "$FOLDER" \
          -i "WHERE tstcrt_number||cast_number in (select tstcrt_number||min(cast_number) from root.$TABLE group by tstcrt_number) AND ARCHIVE_DATE = '$PREVMAXEXT' AND BS_CSI_No = '$CSI'" \
          -a \
          -d $WORK_DIR \
          -o ctbodctc.afp \
          -u dsgrep \
          -p /opt/IBM/ondemand/V10.5/config/ars.stash \
          -v >> $LOG 2>&1


Note : This arsdoc function gets/extracts data based on a filter criteria that takes customer_number into consideration.


Please note that the sql query in above arsdoc function is using "concat" or "||". The exact same query is running perfectly fine on AIX in our current production system.
However, when running this in Linux system in our new production machine

Error in Linux :
2023-03-31 20:19:04.331935: ARS6117I Querying database with SQL string 'WHERE concat(tstcrt_number,cast_number) in (select concat(tstcrt_number,cast_number) from root.RQD1) AND ARCHIVE_DATE = '03/30/2023' AND BS_CSI_No = '3147843''


2023-03-31 20:19:04.354335: ARS6085E Search unsuccessful


2023-03-31 20:19:04.354406: ARS6034W No hits were found that matched search criteria.


2023-03-31 20:19:04.354406: ARS6011E The error occurred on line number 1.


2023-03-31 20:19:04.354971: ARS6026I arsdoc completed.
Error in ondemand client :
2023-03-31 23:49:04.238311    DSGREP      130835221    Error    No        13    DB Error: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/LINUXX8664] SQL0420N  Invalid character found in a character string argument of the function "DECFLOAT".  SQLSTATE=22018  -- SQLSTATE=22018, SQLCODE=-420, File=arsdoc.c, Line=3563    system


Did anyone try to use OCI with IBM CMOD 10.5 as its archive storage solution ? I checked in the documentation but did not see it as an option.


What will be the best approach to upgrade CMOD archive storage from TSM AIX to Spectrum Protect 8.1.12 RHEL 8.6 ?

We are upgrading CMOD 8.5 to 10.5 , any suggestions for TSM upgrade as mentioned above will be appreciated 

MP Server / AFP2PDF Plus Transform for CMOD 10.5 License type
« on: November 15, 2022, 04:12:23 AM »

We are in the process of upgrading our CMOD 8.5 to CMOD 10.5 and we are using afp2pdf software to transform afp documents to pdf and looks like IBM has stopped selling the license for it and have directed to us to connect with RICHO to buy the license. Does anyone has any contact details of RICHO if you can share that will be helpful. Also if anyone can share the experience of this tool with Navigator as plugin ?


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