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z/OS Server / ODSSGET in Anystore Exit stuck on first DDNAME
« on: October 28, 2019, 08:16:48 AM »
Hello folks, we have upgraded our test system to and in testing the Anystore exit via ARSLOAD it fails on a 2nd file being processed.  The ODSSGET module is stuck pointing to the EOF of the inital DDNAME loaded.

@rjchavez said years ago

"The ODSSGET routine is called to OPEN, READ, and CLOSE files including the actual report files.  These traditional MVS services were causing the issue (still not sure why).  I changed the exit to use FOPEN, FREAD, and FCLOSE instead.  This corrected the problem."  -

I don't have any documentation on ODSSGET as like others, Lab Services provided it without source code. :(

Q1. FOPEN/FREAD/FCLOSE?  Is that part of ODSSGET or something written in C?
Q2. Does anyone know how to reset the ODSSGET (initialize it).  I have tried ODSSGET-CLOSE and ODSSGET-OPEN but the results are the same.  Remains pointing to the EOF on initial DDNAME.

Initial Load
Init Call ODSSGET           
Terminate Anyssotre Exit with ODSSGET-CLOSE
Perform CALL-ODSSGET.   
2nd file
Init Call ODSSGET             
CEE3201S The system detected an operation exception (System Completion Code=0C1)

Any suggestions are welcome.


z/OS Server / ODF Banner Exit performance on V10.1
« on: May 16, 2019, 09:25:27 AM »
Good day,

We have upgraded to V10.1 from V9.5 in our test system and have found an almost 35% increase in processing time when using our banner Exit.  There were no changes to the exit between V9.5 and V10.1, we recompiled using the new modules and see a drastic impact on throughput.   Anyone else had a similar experience?

It is not a complex banner exit, we read the customer vars for some flags, convert some text to big letters, and push out Dist address info/Dist ID/Report ID/Jobname.

« on: June 21, 2018, 07:14:39 AM »
Yes, we still are using the CGI.  :(

We are trying to move to a Windows 2016 server but are not able to get anything out of the CGI.  Has anyone tried to use the CGI on a Win2016 server?  Even the tracing is not opening a trace file.

Also tried to start up IIS to see if that would help debug the issue but it has not been successful either, any tips there would be helpful too.

Installed V9.5.0.10 of CMOD


z/OS Server / Encryption for CM OnDemand on Z/OS
« on: May 23, 2018, 08:21:49 AM »
Did anyone try to start arssockd using -d parm for enabling encryption?

Guide shows this command:  arssockd -I <INSTANCE> -d "keystore_location=CKDS,keystore_mkl=*"

//   PARM='/-S -I TESTDB -d "keystore_location=CKDS,keystore_mkl=*"'

I get

ARS1102E Invalid option >-d< for command >ARSSOCKD<
ARS1102E Invalid option >-D< for command >ARSSOCKD<

Current server version is

MP Server / Cache only - No TSM?
« on: January 30, 2018, 01:30:55 PM »

We are looking to get away from using TSM and use either NAS or a cloud-based filesystem.  Does anyone have any comments, suggestions on dropping TSM.  (not my choice but a strategic decision)
We don't have Swift and I don't know about using HFDS either but we do have IBM Object Storage (Cleversafe) .


General / Not getting notified on replies
« on: October 05, 2017, 08:23:14 AM »
Is there some reason don't get notified if someone has replied to my posts, or follow ups to my replies to post.   I am forced to login and check and see if anyone replied....when I remember to!


Opened a PMR but tossing it out here to see if anyone has thoughts.

We are trying to run ARSYSPIN on a different LPAR than ARSSOCKD. When the load starts it fails on

"ARS1607E The OnDemand stash file >< either does not exist or is not valid. Return Code=4."

We validated the SET PROG EXIT was pointing to the same library. I don't see any other settings that would stop it from working successfully. Can ARSYSPIN run on a different LPAR? If yes what settings to do I need to validate are set up beside the SET PROG? Note: the LPAR we are trying to run on is normally used for our test instance of CMOD. We did bring down the test server so there was no conflict.


z/OS Server / Cobol ARSUUPDZ and ODSXUPDZ dynamic exit - V9.5
« on: March 23, 2017, 07:57:33 AM »
Starting a new thread to get more visibility.   Thanks

I have been struggling to get this resolved and am hoping someone has been there and done that.

We are going from V9.0 to V9.5, using the ODSXUPDZ in V9.0 is working just fine with the ARS.RSADUPDT exit.

I compiled the ARSUUPDC using the supplied ARSUUPDJ JCL and deployed to the /bin/exits
I made minor changes to ARSUUPDC to display/debug some info and update a value to confirm it passes the updates out to the MVS exit RSA.ARSUUPDT.


working storage
copy arsuupda.

call ARSZUXPL-MODFCNP using by reference ARSUUPDA
returning rc

My understanding is this call to ARSZUXPL-MODFCNP triggers the MVS exit RSA.ARSUUPDT


Linkage Section.


Procedure Division using
by reference ARSUUPDA.

The logging/debug of the MVS exit shows that the ARSUUPDA values are received and then updated successfully.

However the OMVS Exit ARSUUPDA logging/debug shows it doesn’t see the values modified by MVS exit.

In MVS – Display the results
String ' ARSUUPDA-UPDATE = ' Pic-X8-2-98
' / X''' Pic-X200(1:8) ''''
delimited by size into SYSOUTZ-DATA.

ARSUUPDA-UPDATE = 00000001 / X'00000001'

Display "UPDATE Value: " ARSUUPDA-UPDATE upon syspunch

UPDATE Value: 000000000 UPDTEXIT

Is there some other step I need to turn on to ensure the values are read correctly in ARSUUPDC after ODSXUPDZ.

I will admit I am not an experienced COBOL programmer so if there is something you think might help, please suggest anything

z/OS Server / V2 Clean up.
« on: January 06, 2016, 08:38:06 AM »
Hoping some of the old timers can be of help on this one  ::).

We are cleaning out all legacy V2 reports by unloading them with IODBPRNT and then loading them back in to our V8.5 of OnDemand.  Works great for most of the reports, but we have a PDF document in our V2 library and IODBPRNT doesn't support PDF.  Does anyone know of an old V2 module that would of dumped the PDF objects so they could be re-ingested?


z/OS Server / Max File Size question resurfaced
« on: December 15, 2015, 07:24:03 AM »
An application is wanting to archive a 9.5GB file in one shot.   
It is a line data report, using the Z/OS indexer with 1 key.
Compression is OD77
Large Object is on
Number of pages 100

arsload: Server Version <> Operating System <z/OS> <04.24.00> Database <DB2> <10.01.0005>                                   
arsload: 12/14/15 18:27:11 -- Loading started, --UNKNOWN-- bytes to process                                                         
OnDemand Load Id = >9115-5977-0-49714IAA-1450117631-1450117631<                                                                     
Information about the load that is stored in order to support certain features has exceeded the recommended size.  The current size
is >463903494< bytes and the recommended maximum size is 100MB.  It is recommended that the load be split into a series of smaller loads. 
The data that was loaded was not a part of a distribution in ODF.                                                                   
Loaded 2767997 rows into the database                                                                                               
Document compression type used - OD77Lite.  Bytes Stored = >1373922242< Rows = >2767997<                                           
arsload: 12/14/15 18:34:41 Loading completed                                                                                       

Any one have suggestions and advice on what is the max file size should be used. 


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