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General / Using ICC for CMOD Migration
« on: March 12, 2014, 09:28:21 PM »
We are looking for a migration from a legacy document management system to CMOD. I have come across a IBM  product ICC ( Content Collector) that is capable for doing content migrations. Any idea if ICC tool can be used for migration form legacy DMS to CMOD?

Also if there are any other tools in the market (IBM or any third party) for such migrations?

Any help on this would be appreciated!

MP Server / Strange Error while loading a file
« on: September 23, 2013, 06:28:57 AM »
I am getting a strange error when loading a file MP (AIX) CMOD, DB2 9.07.0004

arsload: 09/09/13 11:09:58 Indexing completed
arsload: 09/09/13 11:09:58 -- Loading started, 42082 bytes to process
OnDemand Load Id = >763-1-0-658FAA-15658-15948<
An error occurred.  Contact your system administrator and/or consult the System Log.  File=arsadmp.c, Line=1669
Failed while attempting to load the database
Loaded 0 rows into the database
arsload: 09/09/13 11:10:05 Loading failed
arsload: Processing failed for file >/XX/XX/XX/XX/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.ARD<
arsload: 09/09/13 11:10:05 -- Unloading started
OnDemand UnLoad Successful - LoadId(763-1-0-658FAA-15658-15948) Rows Deleted(0)

Verifying the system log, I get the below message in the message no 13

DB Error: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64] SQLSTATE 01517: A character that could not be converted was replaced with a substitute character.  -- SQLSTATE=01517, SQLCODE=0, File=arsdoc.c, Line=4216

DB Error: Warning:  Unexpected SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO -- SQLSTATE=Not Defined, SQLCODE=1, File=arsdoc.c, Line=4216

The code page used is EBCDIC 500 and there are no strange characters in indexes. Any insights on this error would be helpful

Other / ARSULOAD exit
« on: August 22, 2013, 04:37:06 AM »
I am trying to use ARULOAD exit and I understand I can grab the application and application group details on it. I just need to know if the index value of the document can be grabbed using this exit? Any one had gone through this?

Other / CMOD Platform Migration
« on: August 22, 2013, 04:31:48 AM »
One of my customer is looking for CMOD platform migration. They are looking to migrate from Z/os to AIX. Have any one done this before? Is there any easier procedure? Any ideas would be helpful?

Other / Restoration from Tapes
« on: July 22, 2013, 11:19:58 AM »
One of my customer is trying to migrate from CMOD to another ECM platform. They need to migrate content from CMOD as well as content from CMOD backup tapes. Backups are taken using TSM. Few questions on migrating the backup tapes contents.

1. How do we restore the tape content?
2. When restoring tape content will the current data in CMOD be overwritten?
3. Is restoration possible, based on backup dates or Application group or any other similar parameter?
4. How is metadata stored on backup tapes
5. Is it possible to only restore the metadata without restoring the actual data?

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