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Application group query information is captured in the system log only if it has been turned in the Application Group, the default is that query activity is not logged. The message numbers are 65 (before the query is run) and 226 (after the query is run, contains the number of hits returned).
Document retrieval information is logged by default, but can be turned off. The message number is 66.
All loading activity is logged. The message number is 87. This can also be determined from the System Load facility.

If this is a small customer with only one System Log table (SL2) then you can use SQL to analyze the activity. If they have multiple System Log tables then I think is easier to perform the analysis by searching the System Log using the client.

Using the client you could pick a date range, specify an In search for Msg Num with value 65 66 87, and a Like search for Message with value %<name of AG>%.

I don't know enough SQL to only return one row per AG per activity (query, retrieve, load), which is what you want.

As for leaving the Document Activity Tracking turned on in the AG permanently, I would say it depends on the existing workload on the system. Having the current information might be valuable to some customers, justifying the overhead.

Once you enable this feature for an application group, the information begins to be tracked. You can see the data in the OD Administrator in the list of Application groups. You can't however retroactively get this info for an application group that doesn't have this enabled.

FYI - It is not advised to leave this turned on permanently as it does create overhead on the server.

Within the Administration Client Application Group list there is now the ability to enable 'Document Activity Tracking (going forward) for the 'Last Load', 'Last Query' and 'Last Retrieve'.

Does anyone have and willing to share the SQL statements (I image one SQL each for Load, Query and Retrieve) to run that would result in a list of all of the Application Groups with their most recent dates for each.  I assume the data would come from the System Log.

I am looking for historical data.  For example, seeing if the most recent retrieval for some reports was 1 year ago, I would not have that if I just now turned on the Document Activity Tracking, since it only populates day forward.

MP Server / Re: Successful Load Fails to Unload
« Last post by Darrell Bryant on June 22, 2022, 04:12:43 AM »
When specifying the load id you can always specify the dates as 0.  The application id is also optional.

For example, you could use either of these formats:


See the documentation of arsadmin parameters here:
MP Server / Re: Successful Load Fails to Unload
« Last post by JFHall on June 21, 2022, 02:12:34 PM »
Thanks for the suggestions Justin.   I should have mentioned I had also tried with the -Q and -N options yesterday, to no help.  I just tried your other suggestion, running with -L 13031-46-0-57FAA and unfortunately still got the same result.  I always thought the load id had to match exactly but your last suggestion leads me to believe that CMOD looks for load IDs starting with the value after the -L parm.
MP Server / Re: Successful Load Fails to Unload
« Last post by Justin Derrick on June 21, 2022, 07:01:48 AM »
Try adding the -Q parameter...

Code: [Select]
-Q Continue if unable to find LoadId in System Log
If that doesn't work, consider removing everything after 57FAA and trying again.

MP Server / Successful Load Fails to Unload
« Last post by JFHall on June 20, 2022, 11:00:10 PM »
A group of reports with the load id below loaded successfully a few days ago.  Today I get an error when trying to unload this load.  Same load id.  I've verified in the System Log that it has not been unloaded since being loaded.  I can also view the load's reports in the client.  Only thing slightly different is this is our test environment, which I don't believe we've ever run an unload against.  I've probably run at least a dozen such unloads in our prod environment.  Anyone ever run across such a thing?

arsadmin unload -g ApplGroup -u admin -p xxxxxxxx -h testsrvr -L 13031-46-0-57FAA-20220616000000-20220616000000-13032
The option >-L< argument >13031-46-0-57FAA-20220616000000-20220616000000-13032< is invalid
iSeries / Re: ADDRPTOND - New v.7.5 Feature for Convert to PDF - Questions
« Last post by Darrell Bryant on June 13, 2022, 05:29:04 AM »
At v7.5 the Add Report (ADDRPTOND) command now supports the ability to convert an input spooled file from SCS or AFPDS to PDF before indexing and loading into Content Manager OnDemand. Subsequent retrievals of the archived data are displayed and printed as PDF.

This support uses the PDF Indexer, and requires the full Adobe Acrobat product on the workstation of any administrator that is using the graphical indexer to create parameters for the PDF Indexer.

The new support requires IBM Transform Services for i licensed program product (5770-TS1).

More details will be in the 2Q2022 OnDemand Newsletter.
Report Indexing / Re: counting number of documents in CMOD
« Last post by ODSA on June 10, 2022, 03:07:48 PM »
I spot checked some of the AGs that are missing from the list, they are actually empty. Yeah, seems like we have few 100 empty AGs.

Thanks for the help!!
MP Server / Re: Field maximum length issue
« Last post by rjrussel on June 10, 2022, 09:04:09 AM »
Reach out to me if you haven't solved this problem yet.


Hello Rob,
I have still same issue , do you have any solution for this

If you want to shoot me an email we can discuss how I can help.
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