Author Topic: Storing files to cmod from arshold and then releasing arshold  (Read 4375 times)


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    Find all unique agid?s from ARSHOLDMAP
    Find all unique load id name for each of the load id.
    Build loadid?s using below query.

db2 -x "select agid, pri_nid, sec_nid, name, start, stop from arsload where agid=5223 and name=?$name?? | awk 'BEGIN { OFS="-" } { print $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6 }'

    build the query to extract the file from CMOD folder based on load id. We need to find a way to know which folder to query. I guess an application group could get mapped to 2 different folders? If not, that step will also be easy.

arsdoc get ?h hostname ?u user ?p password ?G $Appgroup ?f $FOLDERNAME ?d $DIR ?caN ?X $LOADID

    Store the file into CMOD.
    Once we make sure all files are there for each group, we can release the holds.

ANY suggestion? Is there another way of doing this?

Alessandro Perucchi

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Re: Storing files to cmod from arshold and then releasing arshold
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2013, 05:02:10 AM »
Hello reymiranda,

so if I understand what you want to do...

1) You have some files with a "hold"
2) you want to retrieve them
3) store them in another application group without the hold
4) then when the step 2) and 3) are finished, you want to remove the hold from the application in 1)

so in doing that you will duplicate the data in the archive. Or am I understanding wrongly what you're trying to do?
Why do you need to do that?

To answer your question, yes, of course one folder can contain one or many application group.

And no you don't need to know the folder name, this works (tested in CMOD V9, but should work also in V8.5)

Code: [Select]
arsdoc get ?h hostname ?u user ?p password ?G $Appgroup ?d $DIR ?caN ?X $LOADID -o output

Sincerely yours,
Alessandro Perucchi

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