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content navigator 2.0,3
« on: February 11, 2015, 05:04:58 AM »

We use OnDemand in  Z / os and the thin client to view documents.
Now we try to go over to the Content Navigator 2.0.3 in z / Linux and are using IE9 and have problems downloading documents. If we use Google Chrome, you only need to approve afp- plugin to make it work.

One of our windows techniques have wrote the following

After a lot of "trial and error" found the cause of IE prompt on "non-secure content". The setting which is why it is called the "Display Mixed Content" in IE Security Zone settings. It is no problem as long as the website is in zone "Local intranet" or "Trusted Sites", when it comes to the last one must actively enter the URL you a policy for it to end up in the zone. The first URL to use is no problem, it starts in the "Local Intranet" zone, but the browser window that opens with the AFP viewer does not. The window is located in the "Internet" zone and the zone has "Display Mixed Content" set to "Prompt". The setting will never be approved to change. Do you need to review how to take off the AFP Viewer is done, there must be some additional URL in your web application that calls the AFP.

is there anyone else who has had the same problem or know how to solve the problem

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Re: content navigator 2.0,3
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2015, 09:04:42 AM »
Sorry for the late reply -- hopefully you've already fixed this, but it appears that some of the items on your ICN page are served via HTTP, not HTTPS -- which is why it's complaining.  If you move all HTML objects (logos, graphics, etc.) to be served via HTTPS, you should be able to eliminate the error, and still use your higher level of security in IE.
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