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My CMOD system is swallowing another system that is 3 times its size and that has 9000 reports in it. 

I'm looking for physical design guidance beyond what IBM provides and am looking to scale horizontally with additional object servers.

My System Today
I'm running my Library Server and Object Server on one LPAR and also doing loads on this same LPAR and am archiving to TSM on a separate LPAR.  On my Library/Object server I've allocated 700 GB of 90-days Cache @ 80% utilization and have allocated 4.4 TB of TSM storage at 70% utilization on my TSM LPAR.  I have 180 APPs today across 50 AGs serving up 1200 internal users and up to 250000 external users.  My system today is totally running PDF Indexer based reports.

The System I'm incorporating is currently 10 TB - we think we can get it down to 7TB by eliminating outdated reports.  It has 3000 users and 9000 reports. That said, it's equivalent to my system twice over.  Also, this system is completely mainframe print streams and datasets/text reports.

The Design
I think at a minimum I need to add 2 Object Servers to account for the additional cache and report management and will after report analysis determine how I spread the reports across those two new LPARs.  Any thoughts here?

I'm unsure of what my options around load management?  Today, I load all my APPs on my Library/Object Server LPAR.  Do I set up load jobs on each of the new object servers I'm creating, OR do I set up a 3rd LPAR to manage ALL my loads?

Thanks in advance for any guidance or documents that help vet some of these items out.

Justin Derrick

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A few quick things.

  • Try and collect logs from the source system - how much activity do these reports get daily/weekly/monthly?  Loading the data is a one time pain - but queries and retrievals will go on forever.  :) 
  • 10TB isn't a lot of data - 6 years ago I was doing a migration and loading 1TB/day.  It should be easily possible to exceed that now.
  • As you mentioned, thinning out the number of reports is a great way to avoid a lot of data, and a lot of work getting it ingested.
  • You're not in the realm of moving to split Library/Object servers.  I've got customers with 200TB on a single CMOD server.
  • As for loads, creating a few new filesystems and some arsload daemons should take care of 99% of it.
  • There are some tricks to keeping CMOD running efficiently when loading a lot of new data -- loading data chronologically is just one of them.  Loading data into a staging server before moving it to production is another.  :)

Hope that helps!

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