Author Topic: Can /QNTC file System be used in Generic Indexer IND file GROUP_FILENAME parm?  (Read 1132 times)

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I have a need to load a large number of files that are located on one iSeries IFS directory (SystemA) into an OnDemand iSeries Instance running on another iSeries Server on the same network (SystemB).  When I create the Generic Indexer .IND files on SystemB, can I specify a GROUP_FILENAME path similar to:


Has anyone tried this or tested to see if this works?  If so, any advice? Is performance an issue?

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On the MP systems, you can do this if the filesystem is mounted locally and available to users on the system.  Otherwise, I advise customers to put the data in it's own directory, and remove any directories from the file name specified on the GROUP_FILENAME parameter in the generic index file.  Then I just transfer the whole directory to the machine where it will be loaded with scp/sftp or as a zip/tar file.

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Darrell Bryant

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I suggest using QFileSvr400. This will make the directory appear local and without the need to preface the path with any new directory name.  I use this in testing all the time. For example:

On system B
ADDLNK OBJ('/QFILESVR.400/SystemA/sharename') NEWLNK('/sharename')


Each time you IPL you have to run the MD command on System A to 'mount' the directory on System B

In my experience, both systems have to use the same password length (don't mix 10 char max and 128 char max systems.) And I believe the password of the user doing the mount must be same on both systems.
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