Author Topic: Can we change TIFF documents to PDF  (Read 878 times)


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Can we change TIFF documents to PDF
« on: October 15, 2019, 09:15:47 AM »
Hi All

 We have OnDemand version 8.5 on iSeries V6R1. We have a few folders that are set up as TIFF folders with documents that are scanned in with a scanner and used the old Kofax software and BarTender to create a Barcode index page. The BarCode page is used to load the TIFF documents. What we would like to do is have these documents still be scanned but instead of TIFF we would like to convert them to PDF. We would still include a cover index page. Note we are going to be converting from this system to a new Windows CMOD version 10+.  2) The other objective is to get rid of the reliance on 3rd party software to generate the PDF documents. 

1) Can this be done? I can read the single cover page with no issues, but if I include the other scanned documents in PDF form I keep getting error on the load.  Noe the application group is set up as Used Defined - PDF.     
2) Can we get rid of the 3rd party software?

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Re: Can we change TIFF documents to PDF
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2019, 10:14:29 AM »
If you are using Kofax Capture in the future then you could choose to use the PDF Generator feature of Kofax Capture (this feature creates image-only PDF files unless you have the additional Kofax PDF Generator license to create text searchable PDFs), then export/load the PDF files to OnDemand.  You can not load TIFF and PDF files to the same OnDemand Application.  I suggest creating a new App Group and Application specific to PDF files.  Then use the OnDemand Folder to enable search across both the TIFF and the PDF App Groups.

For the existing TIF files, you will need to unload them using ARSDOC Get then use a third party tool to convert to PDF then reload them to you PDF defined App Group and App.
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Re: Can we change TIFF documents to PDF
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2019, 11:13:06 AM »
Thanks Joe

Yes we do have Kofax capture. That is the 3rd party software that we want to eliminate. We want to try to generate the PDF without going through Kofax Capture or there new version ABBY.

Yes I did create a seperate group and application. I think that the key word here is Image-only PDF. We have some samples created and I keep getting error when trying to load the PDF's. I think it is trying to find the index keys on each page in the PDF sample. I keep getting this error in the job log, it builds the index and the resource files then comes up with this error.   

arsload: Processing file >/ASCENT/ABBY02/CreditPack.pdf<
arsload: 10/11/19 15:41:30 -- Indexing started, 370986 bytes to process
ARS4901 TRIGGER1=UL(0.45,1.80),LR(1.08,2.01),*,'Member'
ARS4901 FIELD1=UL(2.20,2.40),LR(3.20,2.60),0,(TRIGGER=1,BASE=0)
ARS4901 FIELD2=UL(2.20,1.80),LR(3.40,2.01),0,(TRIGGER=1,BASE=0)
ARS4901 FIELD3=UL(2.20,2.10),LR(2.49,2.30),0,(TRIGGER=1,BASE=0)
ARS4901 FIELD4=UL(2.20,3.25),LR(3.15,3.50),0,(TRIGGER=1,BASE=0)
ARS4901 FIELD5=UL(2.20,2.65),LR(6.50,2.90),0,(TRIGGER=1,BASE=0)
ARS4901 parmdd=./CreditPack.pdf.parm
ARS4901 inputdd=/ASCENT/ABBY02/CreditPack.pdf
ARS4901 outputdd=./CreditPack.pdf.out
ARS4901 indexdd=./CreditPack.pdf.ind
ARS4901 resobjdd=./CreditPack.pdf.res
ARS4902 Number of input pages = 10
arsload: 10/11/19 15:41:32 Indexing failed
arsload: Processing failed for file >/ASCENT/ABBY02/CreditPack.pdf<                                                     

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Re: Can we change TIFF documents to PDF
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2019, 03:12:48 PM »
I think that the key word here is Image-only PDF.

Indeed it is.  CMOD can't read image files itself.  You need to do Optical Character Recognition on the image to produce the text that your indexing parameters would read.

If you want to try it out, Adobe Acrobat Professional includes an option to recognize the text on a page, and I've found it entirely acceptable for small to medium sized documents.  I'm not sure it would hold up under industrial volumes, but give it a try as a proof of concept.

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