Author Topic: arsdoc retrieve too slow AIX 7.1 CMOD 9.5 DB10.5  (Read 556 times)


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Re: arsdoc retrieve too slow AIX 7.1 CMOD 9.5 DB10.5
« Reply #15 on: November 29, 2019, 05:10:54 PM »
You mentioned that you are exporting from one environment, and these images (IMG1-3) are from when you load them back into the new environment, correct?

No.  The images (IMG1-3) are from the original loads to the "old" environment

It looks like you are loading them using, hmm, the "Graphical PDF Indexer", correct? Or are you using "Internal indexing" (PPDs)?

Yes, in the original load we used the Graphical PDF Indexer.

The load process spends HUGE amounts of time indexing. Therefore, one way to speed up the load would be to use the -g flag during export (arsdoc get ... -g = Create generic indexer file), and then to use the flags -X G (="Find a generic indexing file") during arsload.

Yes, the files were loaded with pdf indexer originally, but to retrieve them from the original environment we're using the generic indexer (with -g flag). To load on the new environment we're using the flag -X -G.

I don't know if I create a file with the generic indexer it has to do something with the type of compression in the PDF file that originally loaded. Is there a way to change the type of compression once is already loaded? the development team says it's  an OD77 compression

Sorry for the delay