Author Topic: Tips/advice on Storage management -- Load vs. Segment  (Read 163 times)


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Tips/advice on Storage management -- Load vs. Segment
« on: January 14, 2020, 03:23:59 AM »
I'm fairly new at designing archives in CMOD, working in a group with more seasoned CMOD people.
I need some expert help when it comes to storage management since I disagree with my colleagues   :-\ .
I get files with documents that are to be archived. The files contain appr. 5000 documents each and each document has a "document-date". There are days when I get 200+ of these files and other days when I get none.
I have no issues when loading the files.
Most of the time, the "document-date" is in close proximity to the date I receive the file (i.e. today - [2..7]days).
Each document is to be stored in the archive for "document-date" + retention-time.
The "do it by the book" solution is to choose "Storage Management"-->"Segment" and mark the "document-date" with the segment property, which is what I proposed.
My colleagues on the other hand opted for a "this is how we've always done" solution, choosing "Storage Management"-->"Load" and extending the retention time by 2 months, well aware and excepting the risk that some document(s) might be expired sooner than intended.
They claim that ARSMAINT will clean expired documents a lot faster when "Storage Management" is set to "Load" since the whole "Load-Id" (5000 documents) expire at once whereas ARSMAINT will have to check each document individually if "Storage Management" is set to segment and be significantly slower and/or need much more resources.
I can't find any documentation supporting their claim but they tried "Segment" once (a long time ago)  and base their  recommendation on that experience.

So my questions are
does "Storage Management"-->"Segment" actually induce a "severe" performance/resource penalty over "Storage Management"-->"Segment" when ARSMAINT expires documents?
is there any official recommendation on when to choose "Load" over "Segment" or vice versa (apart from the obvious difference "Load-Id"  vs "Index" retention time calculation)?
Thanks in advance

Justin Derrick

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Re: Tips/advice on Storage management -- Load vs. Segment
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2020, 06:08:32 AM »
Your co-workers are correct that 'Load' is the appropriate Expiration type in the situation you describe.  Extending retention by two months is not recommended.  You should be keeping documents *precisely* for as long as you are mandated, and dispose of them as close as you can to the date they aren't required anymore. 

As for the differences between the Expiration Types, you'll have to read the manual, then ask some more questions if you have any afterwards.

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