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Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope that you all have had a fantastic holidays and got to enjoy some time off with your families.

In case you missed the email from IBM last year, the CMOD 2020 Workshop Dates and Registration Links are now available. I know that the first two events are in the winter and will be cold, but IBM wanted to get the events out there so you can all hear about the CMOD release due out at the end of Q1. We will be sure there is plenty of coffee to keep you warm in the morning.

  • February 25-26 - Chicago, IL
  • March 3-4 - Paramus, NJ (note the venue has been updated)
  • June 2-3 - Raleigh, NC

The registration links are not open on the CMOD Workshop website page yet, so please use the links below:


New Jersey/New York:

Raleigh, NC:

One last point - the original email had the NY even in Palisades. That has been moved to Paramus, NJ, so just around the corner.
The presentation from the Workshops are similar, so if you attend one, you do not need to attend the others.

Please forward to anyone else you might think would be interested.

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