Author Topic: SQL to get an overview of relations in a Folder (or in all folders)  (Read 476 times)


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Hi Folks,

EDIT: we are on iSeries, but this should not be special to iSeries (I assume?)

I am searching for a simple SQL to get an overview on a folder which results in:
Folder xy => having application groups => having only the currently selected applications

Scenario: each client has a folder assigned (based on groups/users) to search over "their" application groups, each AppGrp with the same datamodel and the same number of applications (let's say up to 5 apps: OrderType10000 to OrderType50000)

So a list could be like (1st line is the header)
Folder name;Application group;AppFromAppGrp
... where OrderType30000 and OrdesType40000 are deselected in the configuration (via adminclient)
... where OrdersType20000 and OrderType40000 are deselected in this case

I have tested following simple SQL statement, but none provides what I am searching for, exluded applications are always include in the list!

Test 1: db2 "
select distinct
  substr(fol.NAME,1,25) as Folder,
  substr(ag.NAME,1,25) as AppGroup,
  ag2f.AID as AID_INFLR,
  substr(app.NAME,1,25) as AppName
  ARSFOL as fol,
  ARSAG as ag,
  ARSAPP as app,
  ARSAG2FOL as ag2f
  ag2f.FID = fol.FID
  and ag2f.AGID = ag.AGID
  and ag2f.AGID = app.AGID
  and ag2f.AID = 0
order by ag2f.FID ASC

Test 2:
In the 2nd test I only changed the part in the WHERE-clause to select only "... and ag2f.AID <> 0"

Anyone has an idea?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and have a good day
from GeeKay/Gülle/Gültekin/Gultekin ;-)
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from GeeKay/Gülle/Gültekin/Gultekin ;-)

Darrell Bryant

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Re: SQL to get an overview of relations in a Folder (or in all folders)
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For the case where not all applications are in the folder, the following where clause works.
  ag2f.FID = fol.FID     
  and ag2f.AGID = ag.AGID
  and ag2f.AID = app.AID
  and ag2f.AID <> 0   

I realize that does not solve your problem completely, I'll think about it some more and post again if I come up with other ideas.

Update: you don't need this line in the where clause:   and ag2f.AID <> 0
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Re: SQL to get an overview of relations in a Folder (or in all folders)
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Would this be any help to you?

Code: [Select]
select distinct as folder, as applGroup, as appl from arsag2fol a2f
  inner join arsfol f
    on a2f.fid = f.fid
  inner join arsapp a
    on a2f.agid = a.agid
   and (not exists (select 1 from arsag2fol where aid != 0 and agid = a2f.agid and fid = a2f.fid)
    or a2f.aid=a.aid)
  inner join arsag ag
    on a2f.agid = ag.agid
where in ('My Folder A','My Folder B')
order by 1,2,3;

... probably not the most optimal SQL :-[

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Re: SQL to get an overview of relations in a Folder (or in all folders)
« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2021, 12:48:26 AM »
Yesterday in the evening call I knew I know you - but plenty of time to check! :D
I hope everything is fine with you?
I will test your suggestion and let you know if that fits to my needs - thanks a lot meanwhile for that ...
from GeeKay/Gülle/Gültekin/Gultekin ;-)