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new segment table not created because of missing current table
« on: September 10, 2021, 05:06:02 AM »

We should add a new field to an existing application group and that will create new segment tables, as we experienced in the past.
But for 1 application group, the old/current table was missing, and on loading the first document, we got problems.
We got some error messages like ARS0013E that a column was missing and ARS0088E that the loading failed.
Meanwhile in the ARSAG table, the SEG_ID was incremented by 1, but the new table for this segment was not created.
I guess that this is because the current table could not be copied into a new one with the extra field.
We restored the missing table, which was empty anyway, and retried the load.
But since the SEG_ID was already incremented, the ARSAG record still points to a missing table.
Everytime we retry a load, the SEG_ID is incremented, without creating a new table, making data in ARSAG corrupt (maybe a suggestion to solve).

With specific names:
AGID_NAME is called NBA and the latest SEG_ID was 2, but NBA2 was missing.
After doing an ARSLOAD to store the first document, SEG_ID was incremented to 3, but NBA3 was not created.
NBA2 was restored by us, but SEG_ID is already pointing to segment 3.
So the next load was still failing, incrementing SEG_ID to 4.
At the moment SEG_ID is 6 after some retries, but the latest existing table is still NBA2.

The question is:
Can we safely do an SQL UPDATE to reset the SEG_ID number in ARSAG to the latest table in order to let this be copied on the next load? So can I update SEG_ID to 2 by SQL?
Will this solve the problem on the next load, copying NBA2 into NBA3?
Or should we do something else to synchronise the SEG_ID with the current table number.
Bonus question: Could there be a plausible reason why tables of emtpy archives get deleted somehow?

Best regards,
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