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System Log data query
« on: November 16, 2021, 03:00:03 PM »
Hi All - I need help with System Log data query.
I am trying to pull data from System Log table where an ADMIN user has made a user update (user admin task). When I query, it gives me two entries, one with View option "T" and other with View Option "N". I only want to see one entry in my log that I have pulled. Preferably View="T".
The filed in SystemLog table is ANNOT. 

I tried below query but it doesn't give me back any result.

arsdoc query -h <hostname> -u <user>-f "System Log" -i "where userid='$line' and msg_num in (34,35,36) and annot='YES' and ODDAT_time_stamp_dt > '$endDate'".

this query gives me empty result and if I remove annot='YES', then I get two line back as a result in my log file.

Time Stamp,Userid,Severity,Msg Num,Message,View,Log ID
11/16/2021 14:12:42,<Admin_userid>,4,36,User Update: Userid(<userid1>) Id(3),T,1369837038,
11/16/2021 14:12:37,<Admin_userid>,4,36,User Update: Userid(<userid1>) Id(3),N,1698537038,

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Re: System Log data query
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2021, 06:48:34 AM »
The ANNOT field is not used to determine the Yes/No status of the View field in the System Log folder.
If the DOC_NAME field is not blank, then View is set to Yes in the hit list of the System Log.
In SQL you can see that by using this statement:
'DBRYANT' AND MSG_NUM IN (34, 35, 36) AND DOC_NAME != ' ' 

     34   41FAA        DBRYANT
     34   45FAA        DBRYANT
     34   75FAA        DBRYANT
     35   75FAA        DBRYANT   
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