Author Topic: ARSDOC GET -L produces "error"  (Read 62 times)


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ARSDOC GET -L produces "error"
« on: March 10, 2023, 07:01:47 AM »

I have a need to run ARSDOC GET to get the 'most recent' version of a report.   I don't see an option for this, so I have come up with a couple ways to do it:

1. First run a QUERY (sorted), use the results of the query to get a REPORT_DATE and then run an ARSDOC GET with that date as criteria.
This would totally work but, I would need to do that programmatically and I will be turning this process over to others, so the simpler the better. 

2. Running an ARSDOC GET -L 1  (limit 1) actually does the trick because the reports are sorted in descending order and the '-L 1' limits it to one report only.  I always get the most current report. So that works, BUT when I use that I get

ARS6055E A maximum of '1' hits(s) were requested for this query. The number of matching hits found was '1982'.

and ARSDOC returns 768.

 It's odd that this is an "error" because I specifically asked for '1' result, and that's what I got.  The rc768 would get flagged by the scheduling software and force an abend.   I could tell the scheduler to ignore the rc 768 but rc 768 could happen for other reasons which need addressed, and SHOULD abend.

Has anyone come up with a simple way to get "most current report" that  is not either of these two? :)  I thought about putting in an enhancement request to IBM to ask them to not produce an error/rc 768 for the second case.  (I know that would take time even if it were acceptable. )