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OD2.1 Postingdate problem
« on: March 04, 2007, 11:34:56 PM »
During the archiving of two repoprts AFP format on production we got the error iod30562: Please check the posting date.
We made all checks (all OD 2.1 parameteres and tables are well set). On the other side we archive the reports
in the test environment without any problem. I other wortds. It was not possible to adjust the error on the test level.
.... all an days before we archive the data without any problem and the data porvider did not made any changes.

So my question are:
1. What else could be wrong? Does anybody have some experience with POSTING DATE problems searched with eyeball?
2. Is the number of lines before the first TRIGGER occurs restricted?


During the time we found the solution it is the 3MB restriction and an PTF fix will help:
  * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: 1. Storing AFP file with large resource *
  *                         file produces message:  IOD30562E    *
  *                         POSTING DATE REQUIRED BUT NOT FOUND  *
  * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
  Storing AFP reports with a resource larger than 3 mb (after
  compression) and with a posting date override program issues
  the 'POSTING DATE REQUIRED' message.  Program now will detect
  this situation and rewrite objects already written using the
  new posting date (RETRIEVE, STORE, DELETE).

As manuell solution you can use the batch load job:
1. Print spool files.
2. Use IODASTOR with explicit posting date included
    SYSIB   - ReportId and date (MMDDYY)
          Overtake date Date from TLE Record

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Re: OD2.1 Postingdate problem
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2007, 10:34:41 AM »
michael- we've had this when we were on V2. Check for a single TLE repeated in the file twice in the same statement where none of the others are repeated. Example:


Notice ACCT is repeated, but the other TLE values are not.
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